The good old days


Cycling in the 90s came with many generational changes. STI. Carbon fibre. The peak of racing on steel while also witness to its professional-level fade from view. An apprentice to Brian Cross at the start of 1990, this would also be the decade that Baum Cycles was founded. And while presently we are known primarily for our titanium craftsmanship, steel is what a young Darren Baum initially – and solely – worked with.

That special place that steel holds in our hearts still resonates within the walls of Baum. The Cortado is our contemporary homage to an era Darren considers to have bore witness to the pinnacle of round tube steel bicycles. If you loved the feel of 531 ‘back in the day’. Or are yearning for the connection that comes from a bike that isn’t overbuilt – dare we say, feels real – then this is the machine for you.

With archives of tubing selections from all the great suppliers: Reynolds, Columbus, and Dedacciai. The refinement this modern tribute model offers arguably surpasses what even the best of the 1990s was able to produce.

Cortado Seat Collar

seat cluster

Fastback style with brazed barbell pinch bolt on a scalloped post. A nod to the past. No seat post collars here.

english bb

Threaded. Still as good now as it was thirty years ago. And will be thirty years from now.

Cortado Head Tube

head tube

Eccentrically turned. Thicker at the rear, where strength is needed. A third thinner at the front. All the while marrying seamlessly with a set-and-forget Chris King headset. 

Pricing and build options

Frame Fuselage: $8,650 AUD

Complete bike from: $12,045 AUD

Frame specifications

Base Package Includes:

  • Proprietary Columbus XCR chainstays and seatstays 
  • Stainless refinement on all the frame fittings, dropouts and brake bridge
  • Anti-corrosion treatment (all tubes, inside and out)
  • Individualized headtube length to the millimeter
  • 1 1/8″ Chris King headset
  • ENVE or Wound Up fork
  • Proprietary stainless steel dropouts
  • Proprietary bottom bracket shell (English thread)
  • ENVE carbon seatpost:
  • Alloy headstem:
  • Cable routing:
    • Di2
    • AXS
    • EPS
    • Mechanical
  • Maximum chain ring 53/39T
  • Maximum tyre size: 28mm measured
  • Classis and RS paint schemes


  • Tailored:
    • Custom fitting
    • Personalised handling
    • Tuned tube selection and butting
  • ENVE stem
  • Name on top tube / chainstay
  • Non standard colours

cortado Geometry

Classic road rim brake geometry. The stability and responsiveness that Baum has honed over decades of building rim brake bicycles. Optimised around a 25mm measured tyre, a wider 23mm and a narrow 28mm are also just at home on this machine. 

48 50 52 54 56 58 60
A. Top Tube Length Horizontal 515 525 535 540 560 575 590
B. Head Tube Length 93 100 108 118 142 160 182
C. Seat Tube Length 465 480 490 510 540 560 585
D. Seat Tube Angle 74.5 74.5 74 74 73.5 73 73
E. Front Centre 578 581 583 588 599 604 609
F. Bottom Bracket Drop 75 78 78 78 75 75 75
G. Stack 509 520 530 540 561 580 604
H. Reach 372 380 383 385 393 397 406
I. Stem Length 70 80 90 100 100 110 120
J. Seat Post Offset 25 25 25 25 25 25 25

Frames are supplied with:

  • Short and tall headset cap
  • Offset seatpost, a straight post can be substituted upon request
  • Standard stem lengths can be substituted with plus or minus 10mm options upon request