The next generation of road

Road refined

Brake systems, tyre size, and rim widths evolved, and so did we. The Orbis is our finest road disc offering, optimised around 28-32mm rubber for an unparalleled road experience.
This is no Corretto in disguise, we did not simply slap disc brakes on our flagship. Years in the making, even more in the refinement, the Orbis is our vision of a modern disc road bike. Crafted for sealed road riders looking to take advantage of wider rims, tubeless tyres and the sheer comfort lower PSI riding brings.

All of this is made possible with an increased (measured) tyre size range up to 34mm, an increased bottom bracket drop, re-engineered T47 bottom bracket interface, formed chainstays, concealed hydro lines, and new tailored geometry.

Orbis is the culmination and very best craftmanship we have at Baum while featuring the same ride quality we are renowned for.

Orbis T47 BB

T47 BB designed in house

For all crank options, diameters, and brands – threaded bottom bracket shells are still relevant in the 21st century.

Clearance for up to 34mm tyres

Engineered for tyres 28-32mm wide, we added clearance up to 34mm to cover tyres/rim combinations that bag out larger. Optimally the best performance is within that 28-32mm range.

Orbis Tyre Clearance
Orbis Square Stays

Flat mount stays and dropouts

The Orbis features our propriety in-house designed thru-axle 6/4 Ti dropouts and our squircle flat-mount chainstay. Syntace’s quickfix tool is integrated into all our 12/142 X12 axle systems.

Pricing and build options

Frame Fuselage from: $11,950 AUD

Complete Bike from: $16,325 AUD

Frame specifications

Base Package Includes:

  • Butted Titanium 3/2.5 seamless tubing
  • Choice of seven standard sizes
  • Semi-integrated Cane Creek 110 headset
  • ENVE RD disc through axle fork 100 x 12
  • Proprietary 6/4 Ti thru axle dropouts
  • Axle spacing 142×12
  • T47 bottom bracket shell
  • ENVE carbon seatpost:
  • Alloy headstem:
  • Compatible with Di2, AXS, EPS or Mechanical
  • Maximum tyre size 34mm measured
  • All paint schemes


  • Tailored:
    • Custom fitting
    • Personalised handling
    • Tuned tube selection and butting
  • ENVE stem
  • Name on top tube / chainstay
  • Non standard colours

orbis Geometry

Engineered in line with modern road disc, but with our Baum tweaks. If you like your current road disc handling you’re going to love ours. Optimised around a 28-30mm measured tyre size, alterations like stem length or zero-offset seat posts can be worked in. 

48 50 52 54 56 58 60
A. Top Tube Length Horizontal 515 525 535 540 560 575 590
B. Head Tube Length 102 115 127 136 158 172 194
C. Seat Tube Length 465 480 490 510 540 560 580
D. Seat Tube Angle 74.5 74.5 74 74 73.5 73 73
E. Front Centre 578 581 583 588 599 602 612
F. Bottom Bracket Drop 80 80 78 78 75 75 75
G. Stack 509 525 535 544 565 580 603
H. Reach 372 378 381 383 392 398 406
I. Stem Length 70 80 90 100 100 110 120
J. Seat Post Offset 25 25 25 25 25 25 25

Frames are supplied with:

  • Tall cap, 15mm bellow and 5mm above fitted
  • Short headset cap included
  • Offset seatpost standard, can be substituted with straight post upon request
  • Standard stem lengths can be substituted with plus or minus 10mm options upon request