RCC additional Information

As much as we wish we could spend all day riding, getting the technical stuff right is important to us. Baum Cycles is based in Australia, and as such, your rights as a consumer are protected by the Australian Consumer Law. 

If you have any further queries, you can get in touch with us here.



All of our bikes are covered by our warranty. These rights are in addition to any rights covered by the Australian Consumer Law. 

You can read the Baum warranty here 

Taxes & Duties

If you’re based outside of Australia, all applicable taxes, duties, and fees are your responsibility as the consumer. 

For Australian customers, GST will be included.


Shipping & Packing

Fees associated with the shipping and packing of your bike are not included in the initial cost. These costs are dependant on a number of factors which will vary case by case. These additional fees will be communicated after the initial deposit. 


Delivery Times

RCC Ready Made

In order to ensure best possible delivery times, we have prefabricated a complete range of frames and set aside parts for each of these. Being a new release, not all part sizes are currently available, we anticipate we will receive these parts in early 2022. As soon as these parts are received, your bike will be assembled and shipped or ready for pick up. The affected frame sizes are noted on the product page.

RCC Tailored

Our RCC Tailored frames and parts are individual to you, as such, your individual parts need to be ordered based on your sizing requirements and preferences.  In order to ensure the best available delivery times, we ask that you sign off your choice of parts as early as possible. We anticipate the delivery date will be approximately 20 weeks post-sign-off. 

For both RCC Tailored and RCC Ready Made, the given time frames do not include the 3 week period over Christmas when the factory is shut. 

In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation in Victoria, further lockdown restrictions are possible. Although the factory has not yet been closed for any period due to COVID, if the situation does arise that the factory is required to close, delivery dates may be delayed. 



RCC Ready Made

To start the process, you will pay an initial 25% deposit on our website here, when Baum receives this deposit, your position in the queue will be secured. Following the finalisation of sign-off and shipping details, a final invoice will be sent by Baum. After payment has been received, your bike will be shipped or will become available for pickup. The initial deposit will be deducted from the final deposit amount.

RCC Tailored

To start the process, you will pay an initial 25%  deposit on our website here, when Baum receives this deposit, your position in the queue will be secured. After sign-off, a further 25% payment is required to secure the ordered parts, this brings the paid amount to 50% excluding additional fees including but not limited to taxes, duties, and shipping. The remaining balance will be paid 2 weeks prior to shipping.